donderdag 11 januari 2018

New House

Construction workers did their job
Their voices and their tools are gone
They left the smell of concrete dust
They left the smell of new

We smell an almost home sweet home
Our whispers bounce from wall to wall
The doorpost needs a coat of paint
The carpet seeks a place to rest

Still we are strangers, we are guests
We do not know which floorboard squeaks
The smells of day, the sounds of night
have not yet settled in our minds

One day this house will be our friend
No longer will we call it new
The table, chairs, the lazy couch
lie comfy in its warm embrace

August 26 2008

Toen LinkedIn in 2004 begon met groepen, besloot ik uit pure balorigheid de groep Poets op te richten. De groep heeft inmiddels bijna 12 duizend leden.
Voor deze internationale groep heb ik ook een paar Engelse gedichten geschreven waaronder deze.
Het is een mooie ervaring: de klank is anders dan Nederlands. Uiteindelijk schrijf ik toch liever in mijn eigen taal.

When LinkedIn started groups in 2004, I founded the group Poets, just for fun. Now the group has almost 12,000 members.
For this international group I wrote some English poems, like this one.
It is a nice experience; the sound is different from Dutch. In the end, I prefer writing in my own language.

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