zondag 16 september 2012

Magpie Tale 135: Venus and the sailor

The loveless sea takes me away.
The skies and waters hide my home.
I think all night, I think all day:
Why must I on this ocean roam?

On the horizon clouds do form.
The sea turns white, the skies turns black.
The gentle breeze becomes a storm.
The noble ship becomes a wreck.

You hold me up, you calm the sea.
you take my fear, you dance with me.

This is Magpie Tale 135
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16 opmerkingen:

  1. I particularly like your final couplet. Everyone needs someone like that.

  2. The loveless sea...I never thought of the sea in this light before...very nice...

  3. i want more of this...very lyrical...i think you could double it and make a great song...really great imagery as well....

  4. Lyrical, yes ... quite lovely as well.

  5. How lovely that a dance reverses the dark aura of the poem, the depression and lonliness you describe beautifully. I like your disciplined form, rhyme scheme and the near rhyme of "black" and "wreck".

  6. I am a bit afraid of "big" water, so I liked "loveless sea" and he ending is beautiful in its taking fear away.

  7. Nothing shipwrecked about your poem. :) Nice Mag.

    But it took me FIVE goes to find a word verification I could read, let alone type! Can you not be kind to comment leavers and remove it? I promise, the sky won't fall in if you do!

    1. word verification? leavers? I understand the part about the sky