dinsdag 13 september 2011

Magpie tale 82: Home

When you appeared in spotless white
I knew your face no more,
but I could see you felt at home
when you walked through my door.
The sun shone bright, yet not a ray
did fall into your eyes;
I could not spot a speck of truth,
nor could I read your lies.

When you appeared in spotless white,
I knew not what to say.
So I said “Hi, it’s been a while”,
and “How are you today?”.
There was no time for When and Where,
there was no time for Why.
We stood and saw what time had done,
were speechless, you and I.

When you appeared in spotless white,
it brightened up the house.
But did you come as just a friend,
or did you seek a spouse?
Your answers I did not await,
they mattered not to me.
I locked you in my attic and
I threw away the key.

This is Magpie Tale 82
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Note: Last change 20110919, because of Suz's comment and because I also felt there was room for improvement

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Interesting piece... love the flow of words, building to a turn unexpected.

  2. you have a good cadance going on here
    not sure about the last stanza...
    "or to become my spouse"

  3. A good take on this dark image, white notwithstanding! I like the strophic flow and rhyme you have used. The image prompted me to rhyme also...

  4. A refreshing view of the prompt, here. Well controlled cadences in the verses.

  5. This a beautiful poem for the prompt Niels!

  6. That's one way to deal with unwelcome visitors! LOL

  7. You used rhyme beautifully in this Mapgie!

  8. I love the chilling repetitive first line. Well done...

  9. Thanks for the nice words,

    Suz, thanks for the comment; that was really helpful