maandag 14 november 2011

Magpie Tale 91: Musical chairs

The leprechauns left you a fortnight ago.
A year long they dwelled by your musical chairs.
You ran round and round and you never sat down.

The leprechauns left you a fortnight ago,
They went with their fiddles, their flutes and their bagpipes.
The music still plays round and round in your head.

The leprechauns left you a fortnight ago.
Don’t look at the past for it will not return.
The future is cloudy around and around.

The leprechauns left you a fortnight ago.
The leprechauns left you,
A fortnight ago.

This is Magpie Tale 91
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7 opmerkingen:

  1. This really worked for me.

    And she does look kind of Irish, doesn't she?


  2. ha very imaginative...and the repitition does work for this...hope a rainbow comes along so she might find a pot of gold...and maybe a leprechaun...smiles.

  3. Wonderful repetition for this delightful short poem.

  4. The repetition mirrors the superabundance of chairs and the musical chairs idea goes wiht the Irish flavour! Nice Magpie.

  5. Charming! This one needs some music, Niels!